If you want to watch movies,dramas,or comics,this is it(U-NEXT)


People who want to watch movies, dramas and comics but don’t know where to watch them!

“U-NEXT” is recommended for such people

Here, I will introduce the strengths of U-NEXT

overwhelming number of works

All-you-can-see worksmore than 290,000 pieces
Points (rental works)40,000 or more
free comic booksOver 13,000
All-you-can-read magazinesOVER 190
Special Feature Selected by ProfessionalsOVER 5000

You can also read as many original U-NEXT books as you like!!!

The number of works is more than any other app, and it’s No. 1!

U-NEXT ranks first in total among all the works you can watch, Japanese movies, foreign movies, anime and Korean Wave Asian dramas are ranked first in number of works, and domestic and overseas dramas are ranked second! U-NEXT is truly the top video distribution service

The image quality is compatible with 4K, so it’s perfect!

U-NEXT also offers paid-for works each time, including new movies, Disney works, and popular masterpieces that are hard to watch as much as you want.If you continue the contract, you will get points, so I hope you make good use of it!

By the way…

How many works do all-you-can-see in other apps???

First place:U-NEXT about 290,000

2nd place:Hulu about 4,540

3rd place:Netflix about 4,010

4th place:Amazon Prime video about 3,960

5th place:dtv about 2,880

6th place:Paravi about 2,390

7th place:TELASA about 1,490

Compared to this, the number of works by U-NEXT is overwhelming!

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A FREE TRIAL31 days free
Monthly fee2,189 yen(tax included)
Monthly U-NEXT points to receive1,200 yen’s worth
point reductionUp to 40%

Furthermore, cancellation is always OK!Try it out with a free trial first!


Additional Services

  • 4 simultaneous viewing accounts
  • Each account has a feature limit setting
  • Full HD Quality / 4K Quality
  • high quality sound(DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS)
  • Compatible with TV/smartphone/PC, etc
  • Downloadable

There’s a lot of good service


U-NEXT boasts the highest number of works among video distribution services!

There is also a free trial, and it seems that you can get a lot of points back

It is a distribution service that includes works, manga, and magazines that are not available in other distribution services

Start by registering for a one-month free trial

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